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We know that it is your utmost concern to staff your organization with quality people at all times and we, at Service Resources, Inc. can assist you.

Contributing to the national economic prosperity

SRI provides meaningful employment opportunities to thousands of Filipinos by continuing to serve the manpower outsourcing industry.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System

Bringing quality service and deliver much more than the expectations of our clients.

38 Years in Manpower Industry

Established in August 1979, SRI continues to be one of the leading manpower service companies in the country.

About us

Established in August 1979, our company continues to be one of the leading manpower service companies in the country. With clients in many local and multinational corporations for various job levels, our steady guiding principle is to serve our client firms in their manpower outsourcing needs as efficiently and economically as possible consistent with all existing laws and regulations. Our success throughout these years demonstrates the soundness of our goals.

Founder of SRI is Atty. Jose T. Alberto with over twenty years experience in corporate management-labor relations. Management counts with it a tightly knit team of dedicated individuals, each an expert in his or her field such as in marketing, recruitment and selection of manpower, worker supervision, labor cost accounting, payroll management, client relations, and labor regulations.

At SRI, we listen to our clients’ needs to further enhance our business partnership. We develop systems and procedures that suit the unique requirements of each individual client, translating into an integrated and flexible approach to all our business solutions.

We believe in excellent customer service. It has always been our culture to deliver conscientious quality assistance, professional expertise and support in satisfying our clients’ manpower needs with personnel that meet their work standards when and where needed at the most economical rates.

To further galvanize our commitment in bringing quality service and deliver much more than the expectations of our clients, we are happy to announce that Service Resources, Inc. now has an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System in place to further assure the quality of services rendered.

With continued positive outlook at the Philippine economy, SRI looks forward with confidence in contributing to the national economic prosperity and provide meaningful employment opportunities to thousands of Filipinos by continuing to serve the manpower outsourcing industry.

Special Features of Our Manpower Outsourcing Service

  1. We spare our clients from the normal routine of recruitment which may begin with expensive advertisement to rigorous interviews, Psychological testing and selections;
  2. We conduct/administer preliminary qualifying tests for short listing of candidates, which is the main part of the selection procedure. Candidates who do not have the required level of intellectual ability or who possess personality traits that are inconsistent with the kind of work specified are disqualified based on results of psychological testing, interviews and background investigation ;
  3. We adopt rigid and comprehensive medical examinations for our employees conducted by very competent medical practitioners to assure our clients that the employee is physically fit to work;
  4. Our clients shall be free from keeping and maintaining employment records of the contractual employee and shall likewise be spared from assuming the responsibility for payroll administration and processing of employee benefits and compensation claims from SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig.
  5. We, as the employer, are responsible for personnel supervision over our contractual employees. Our clients need not worry about timekeeping, monitoring of personnel demeanor, dealing with violations and issuance of the corresponding sanctions.
  6. During the assignment of our contractual employee to our clients, they are given a window to further observe his/her capabilities. Our client has the option to absorb the contractual employee at a minimal service fee equivalent to One (1) month salary that the contractual employee is receiving. However, hiring of the contractual employee on permanent basis shall be “free of charge” upon completion of his/her contract with us.
  7. We charge very minimal administrative fee in exchange for unburdening Your Company of tedious human resource and administrative processes that you may very well opt to outsource.
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  • Organizing and attending job fairs, tie-ups with institutions and ads.
  • Sourcing of applicants for new job openings – replacement / reliever / on-call – sudden increase in manpower requirements or downsizing support.
  • Test administration using new and updated psychological exams as prescribed by accredited organizations such BEHAVIORAL DYNAMICS and PHILPSYCOR.
  • Test evaluation, initial screening, and interview, done by a qualified psychometrician.
  • Short listing / Selection of applicants.
  • Background checking.
  • Completion of pre-employment requirements.
  • Facilitation of medical examination.
  • Hiring.
  • Signing of employment contract.
  • Processing of documents for ATM for payroll disbursement.
  • Compiling and maintaining of files (201)
  • Deployment
  • No ABSORPTION FEE after a year of service


  • Payroll funding
  • Labor law compliant and accurate computation of salaries
  • On-time disbursement of salaries through ATM disbursement
  • Partner-bank ATM processing – BPI, Metrobank
  • Provision of timekeeping data-captured device
  • Timekeeping – computation and monitoring of manhours
  • Distribution of payslips
  • Monthly payment of mandatory benefits with proof of payment – SBRs and monthly remittance summary report attached to billings
  • Assured on-time and full mandatory benefits remittance as mandated by law
  • Processing of mandated benefits membership for newly-hired employees
  • Timely processing of mandated benefits claims and loans
  • Subsidized HMO for employees with company nurse
  • Provision of employee accident insurance
  • Flexible, customized payroll system
  • Timely and accurate billing


  • Pre-deployment training
  • Mandatory benefits training
  • Computation of salaries
  • Basic GMP training
  • Basic HACCP training
  • Facilitation of staff training
  • Other special trainings


  • Performance evaluation (with Client feedback)
  • Trained Roving or On-Site Supervisor monitored by Account Managers who spearheads issue resolution
  • Own computerized timekeeping system for personnel monitoring with extractable reports
  • Disciplinary actions based on code of conduct of SRI
  • Employees are under SRI, therefore, no employment relationship with Client
  • Guided by own legal department for case handling

Compliance Certificate